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The 2006 Clan Dickey Family Reunion was held Sunday, June 25, 2006, at Schultz Park in Pawnee, Illinois with 76 family members and guests in attendance.

The day began at 11 a.m. with Tom Dickey speaking. He spoke of his spiritual journey and the difficult times he has encountered, specifically his near-death experience when electrocuted while working. He assured us all of God's faithfulness when we put our trust and lives in God's hands.

Tom Dickey blessed the meal, which began at 12:30 p.m. The menu consisted of Fried Chicken, Virginia baked ham, home style mostaccioli w/fresh Italian sausage, potato salad, green beans, mixed greens with fresh veggies and vinaigrette, and fresh fruit medley with yogurt dip catered by Turasky Catering, along with ice tea and lemonade. Ladies of the clan provided dessert.

The business meeting began at 2:00 p.m. with a welcome to all. Jane (Dickey) Scheff and her husband, Bob, from Indiana were welcomed as they returned after their first visit to the reunion in 2005. Appreciation was expressed to all who had traveled from long distances.

Announcements, including signing the attendance sheet, paying for the meal (those who had not previously), minutes of the past reunion and the treasurer's report were taken care of.

A moment of silence was held in remembrance of our Clan elders who had passed on to glory during the past year: Clint and Eugene Calvin, and Bob Dickey, Sr.

David Dickey explained the Celtic Games of Brawn or Games of strength, which are one of the traditional features of any Highland Games festival. He demonstrated the sheaf toss and putting the stone. He encouraged family members to become involved and attend the many Highland events throughout the state and country.

After much enjoyable tasting, the winners of the first and second prize desserts were announced. First place went to Sally Dickey for her Blackberry Cobbler and second place to Craig Dickey for his Lemon Cake.

Tom Dickey reported three foursomes participated in the Clan golf outing on Saturday with the McGinnis clan taking honors.

Art and Sara Seppi reported that about 30 family members attended the cousin's party held at their home the prior evening with a good time had by all.

Daniel Dickey explained the Clan Dickey website, the necessity of keeping it updated, and the cost. Anyone with items/pictures concerning their family that they would like to have included on the website should be sent to Daniel. Following discussion, it was decided that we would again have an auction at the 2007 reunion to assist in the website cost. Each family should bring an item to be auctioned with the proceeds going to the website fund.

Lois Dickey explained the information concerning the possibility of having a family cruise. If any one is interested or has other ideas, they should contact Lois.

Following discussion, it was decided to continue as in the past with the 2007 family reunion at Schultz Park on the last Sunday of June. The meal will be a potluck with the meat (possibly a hog roast) provided by Bob, Tom and Daniel Dickey. With the success of the Cousin's Party, the Golf Outing and the "Best Dessert Contest", these events will continue for next year.

Update on families: Each family gave an update on what had happened in their families since the last reunion, including births, graduations, awards, engagements, marriages and any other enlightening news.

Those elected for the following years duties were:

Historian: John Dickey (of Decatur)
Photographer: Daniel Dickey
Golf planner: Tom Dickey
Meal planner: Bob, Tom and Daniel Dickey
Reunion Coordinator: Nancy Oliver
Secretary: Dorothy Seppi

Angela and Sean Oliver volunteered to host the Cousin's Party for 2007, which will be held the evening prior to the reunion. It will again be a potluck with the Oliver's providing the meat.

All enjoyed an auction of items brought by family members. Jim Earles served as auctioneer and was able to unloosen the pockets of many tight Scotsmen. Items auctioned included: D-J wagon made by Bob Dickey, Longenberger dish and basket, handmade purse, kitchen rack, puzzle, hat, pitcher, card holder, handmade bowl, teddy bear and a large cup.

Family members were encouraged to go to to keep up with family happenings throughout the year.

Those is attendance were:
Renee and Nancy Oliver
Ron and Lois Dickey
Dave and Lois Dickey
Ken, Patty, Abby, Megan and Timothy Gotsch
Ceve and Lou Ann Hinman
Tom and Bonnie Dickey
Art and Sue Seppi
Connie Goodin
Cheryl and Rob Dambacher
Dani Dambacher
Sean, Angela, Isabella and Claire Oliver
Christopher Aumiller
Erica Dambacher
Rob Brown
Art, Sara, Maggie, Anna and Dorothy Dambacher
Gene and Diana Gotsch
Gloria and Larry Beck
Melissa, Camryn, Chloe, and Cole Reitsma
Dennis, Sally, David and Ascha Dickey
Lou Dickey
Louise Tyler
Claris Dickey
Dean Dickey
Jim and Donna Earles
Casey and Becky McGinnis
Michael and Sarah McGinnis
Carl, Heather, Gabriella and Addison Zindars
John Dickey
Jack and Mary Dickey
Jan Earles
Jane (Dickey) and Bob Scheff
Gloria and Bob Dickey
Craig Dickey
Daniel, Paula, Nathan and Jacob Dickey
Kurt and Matha McGinnis
Chris and Michelle Oliver

Submitted by Nancy Oliver
June 25, 2006

To view photos from the 2006 reunion, click here.