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The 2011 Clan Dickey Family Reunion was held Sunday, June 25, 2011, at the Legion Hall in Divernon with some 38 family members and guests in attendance. The Legion Hall provided shelter from the persistent rain all afternoon.

The meal began at 12:30 with a blessing given by Bob Dickey. Everyone enjoyed a potluck meal along with meat provided by Dennis and Tom Dickey. Food was plentiful and, as always, there was more than enough to eat.

The business meeting began with a welcome to all. Big thanks to Aunt Babe for securing the Legion Hall, which suited our purpose well today.

A moment of silence in the remembrance of any family members who passed on during the past year was held: Jim Earles

Announcements and reports, including signing the attendance sheet, minutes of the 2010 reunion and the treasurer's report were taken care of. Any expenses for this year should be turned in to Nancy.

Everyone was invited to report on any news concerning their families.

From the Dave Dickey family: Karen, Tim, and girls are in Virginia for the National Tumbling Competition. Lucas is playing baseball. Lois and Dave celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last fall. Claris will be 93 in December. Ron and Lois are located in Pennsylvania now. Bridget has moved to Las Vegas and currently working for Zappos. Kenton is getting married July 1st. Renee and Nancy celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary last week. David and Ashley are engaged and plan to marry in March 2012.

From the Bob Dickey family: Matt and Sarah have three children, Luke and Carrie are in North Carolina and doing well. Kathleen has moved to Chicago and her dad can't stand Chicago. Josh is working at the UCB in Divernon. Nathan is going to the Air Force Academy. Seth is going to special ops training. Jacob graduated this year and is on a board for National Driving Safety.

From the family of Geraldine Dickey Wall: Gloria and Larry celebrated their 50th anniversary. Diane and Gene celebrated their 52nd anniversary. Andy and Kathy are in Scotland as missionaries. Ken and Pattie's oldest graduated from Penn State. Their second is applying to med school. Christian hopes to make Eagle Scout.

From the family of Otha Dickey McGinnis: Michael had a daughter, Brook. Joe had a son, Jackson

From the family of Blanche Dickey Monahan: Mark is in Virginia, Jim is in Georgia. Everyone else is in St. Louis working in the restaurant business.

From the family of Lou Dickey Tyler: Lou is doing well in a senior living center in Arizona. Lou Anne lost her husband, Cleve. Rich has a son and two grandsons active in sports. Deborah flies with Southwest and has a house in Arizona. She is also a musician. Chuck has two sons in San Diego. One, Tim, is the Clan Regent for Southern California Clan Douglas. One son has four children and all are super athletes in water polo.

Family of Dorothy Dickey Seppi: Art and Sue are in Florida. Alex graduated from college and is working for Barratt's. Connie continues to fly with Southwest and has seven grandchildren. Jeff is in Dallas and Heather is in Denver.

Highland games report: David spoke of the local Highland games and invited more family members to attend.

Nancy reported there is a Face book site for ClanDickey if anyone wants to visit the site or 'like' it. We are in need of a new website manager.

Plans for next year were incomplete. It is hoped to again have a horseshoe tournament next year.

The hat was passed and $207 collected.

Those in attendance were:

  • Claris Dickey
  • Bill and Marilyn Dickey
  • Blanche Monahan
  • Bob and Gloria Dickey
  • Casey and Becky McGinnis
  • Cheryl Dambacher
  • Chris Aumiller
  • Chuck Tyler
  • Tom and Bonnie Dickey
  • Cloanie Mason
  • Dorothy Seppi
  • Craig Dickey
  • Daniel Dickey
  • Dave and Lois Dickey
  • Renee and Nancy Oliver
  • David Dickey & Ashley Moore
  • Dean Dickey
  • Dennis and Sally Dickey
  • Donna Earles
  • Chris and Michelle Oliver
  • Gloria and Larry Beck
  • Jan and Jon Earles
  • Judith Cotter
  • Gene and Diana Gotsch
  • Kenton, Amber and Abbie Oliver
  • Sara and Artie Dambacher, Maggie, Anna, Dorothy
  • Sean Oliver, Isabella, Claire
  • Tim and Karen Brown, Hannah, Hailey

Submitted by
Nancy Oliver
June 26, 2011