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The 2010 Clan Dickey Family Reunion was held Sunday, June 27, 20010, at Schultz Park in Pawnee with some 47 family members and guests in attendance. The weather was beautiful and everyone who attended had great fellowship.

The meal began at 12:30 with a blessing given by Bob Dickey. Everyone enjoyed a potluck meal along with delicious fried chicken and pulled pork. Food was plentiful and more than enough to eat.

The business meeting began with a welcome to all. A big thank you went to Dean Dickey and Renee Oliver for set-up, and Aunt Babe and Cheryl for providing the meat.

Announcements and reports, including signing the attendance sheet, minutes of the 2009 reunion and the treasurer's report were taken care of. Any expenses for this year should be turned in to Nancy.

A moment of silence was held in remembrance of family members who passed on during the past year: Ceville Hinman

Tom Dickey reported on the Clan golf scramble outing on Saturday. Winning group was Tom Dickey, Cheryl Dambacher and Sue Seppi. Prizes were awarded. A big thank you went to Tom who organizes the outing each year.

Approximately 48 family members attended the cousin's party Saturday night at the Dambacher farm. Those who did attend enjoyed freshly prepared barbecued chicken and pork burgers. Everyone is a cousin and encouraged to attend. A big thank you went to Artie, Sarah, Scott and Mary for the great hospitality.

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Following discussion, it was decided to continue with the 2011 clan Dickey reunion at Schultz Park on the last Sunday of June. The meal will be a potluck with the meat provided by Dennis and Tom. The Cousin's Party and golf scramble will continue next year.

Duties for next year are:

  • Reunion Coordinator: Nancy Oliver & Dorothy Seppi
  • Meal planner: Dennis and Tom Dickey
  • Golf planner: Tom Dickey
  • Photographer: Daniel Dickey
  • Historian: Dorothy Seppi/Cheryl Dambacher
  • Genealogist: John Dickey (of Decatur)

An auction was then held of items brought by family members. Auctioneer, Dave Dickey was able to bring a total of $346.50 from bidders. Items auctioned included: a picture collage, golf balls, plant with picture, candle, table cloth, gift certificate to BJ, umbrella, tool kit, Nike gym sack, quilt rack, Tiger suitcase, and cosmetic bag. It was decided that we would suspend the auction for next year.

The hat was passed and $230 received in donation for expenses.

Those in attendance were:
  • Renee and Nancy Oliver
  • Kurt and Matha McGinnis
  • Casey and Becky McGinnis
  • Dorothy Seppi
  • Tom and Bonnie Dickey
  • Sean Oliver, Isabella, Claire
  • Chris Aumiller
  • Dave and Lois Dickey
  • Judith Cotter
  • Craig Dickey
  • Dennis and Sally Dickey
  • Blanche Monahan
  • Claris Dickey
  • Dean Dickey
  • Sara and Artie Dambacher, Maggie, Dorothy
  • Cheryl Dambacher
  • Robbie Dambacher
  • Jim and Lois Dickey
  • Chris and Michelle Oliver
  • Chris Milne
  • Mike and Sarah McGinnis
  • Scott and Mary Dambacher
  • Bob and Gloria Dickey
  • Gene and Diana Gotsch
  • Josh and Shanna Dickey & infant

Submitted by
Nancy Oliver
July 30, 2010