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The 2009 Clan Dickey Family Reunion was held Sunday, June 29, 2008, at Schultz Park in Pawnee with some 40 family members and guests in attendance. The weather was beautiful and God blessed the day and all who attended.

Following visiting and getting reacquainted, the meal began at 12:30 with a blessing given by Tom Dickey. Everyone enjoyed a potluck meal along with delicious fried chicken and ham. As usual, food was plentiful and more than enough to eat.

David Dickey encouraged everyone to participate in the stone throw which is part of the Highland Games Competition. Participants came forward slowly, but soon realized their competitive spirit. Sean Oliver came in first for the men's division, and Danielle in the women's division. Prizes were awarded. David also encouraged everyone to attend the Highland events which are held in the area, the next being the Chatham Sweet Corn Festival.

The business meeting began with a welcome to all. A special welcome was made to Dorothy Colvin Lindsey and Rose Colvin Stark and family for attending the first time. A big thank you went to Dean Dickey and Renee Oliver for set-up, Craig Dickey for providing the meat and David Dickey for providing the stone throw competition.

Announcements, including signing the attendance sheet, minutes of the 2008 reunion and the treasurer's report were taken care of. Any expenses for this year should be turned in to Nancy.

A moment of silence was held in remembrance of family members who passed on during the past year: Harriet Wilson, Lois Dickey Barnes and Louis Jessup.

Tom Dickey reported on the Clan golf scramble outing on Saturday. New winners were Tom Dickey's team. Prizes were awarded.

A disappointing number of cousins attended the cousin's party Saturday night at the Dambacher farm. Those who did attend enjoyed freshly prepared, melt in your mouth barbecue of every kind. Everyone is a cousin and encouraged to attend. Bring a dish to share, a lawn chair and a desire to sit, eat and talk the evening away.

Website: Please remember the website,, is available for our families use. If you have any news or pictures to share, be sure to send to the web site manager to have it published on line.

A flyer concerning the rededication of the Arrington Prairie (Dickeyville) Southern Missionary Baptist Church was distributed. It will be held May 20, 2010. All ancestral relatives and friends are invited to attend.

A new activity; a baby picture contest was held with unidentified pictures of family members over the age of 40. Everyone had the opportunity to guess their identity. The person who guessed the most correct identities won a prize.

Following discussion, it was decided to continue with the 2010 clan Dickey reunion at Schultz Park on the last Sunday of June. The meal will be a potluck with the meat provided by Aunt Babe and Cheryl. The Cousin's Party, the Golf Outing, Highland game and the Baby Picture contest will continue next year.

Duties for next year are:

  • Reunion Coordinator: Nancy Oliver & Dorothy Seppi
  • Meal planner: Cheryl
  • Golf planner: Tom Dickey
  • Photographer: Daniel Dickey
  • Historian: Dorothy Seppi/Cheryl Dambacher
  • Genealogist: John Dickey (of Decatur)

An auction was then held of items brought by family members. Auctioneer, Dave Dickey assisted by Kurt McGinnis, was able to bring a total of $371. Items auctioned included: a flower door hanging, Rubbermaid cooler, Barn star wind chimes, handmade shot gun cleaning rods, luggage, Celtic picture frame, plants, quilt wall hanging, Dickey note cards and tee shirts. Nancy reminded that the money brought in by the auction is used to pay for the reunion and encouraged everyone to participate by not only bringing items to be auctioned, but be ready to buy or donate.

The auction originally began to pay for the cost of the upkeep of the clandickey website. Since we have changed the website to a different webmaster, we no longer have unexpected or large costs. Our cost is set at $150/year. Nancy suggested that we continue the auction since it has proven to be a fun activity but use the money garnered to pay for the meat at the cousin's party and at the reunion. Nancy asked if anyone had any problem with this. There was a discussion but all agreed. She reminded everyone that they would need to participate by not only bringing items to be auctioned, but be ready to buy at auction.

Those in attendance were:

  • Renee and Nancy Oliver
  • Kurt and Matha McGinnis
  • Jim and Donna Earles
  • Casey and Becky McGinnis
  • Babe Seppi
  • Tom and Bonnie Dickey
  • Daniel Dickey
  • Sean Oliver, Isabella, Claire
  • Dave and Lois Dickey
  • Judith Cotter
  • Craig Dickey
  • Dennis and Sally Dickey, David, Ascha
  • Blanche Monahan
  • Claris Dickey
  • Dean Dickey
  • Sara and Artie Dambacher, Maggie, Anna, Dorothy
  • Tim and Karen Brown, Hannah, Hailey

Submitted by
Nancy Oliver
July 30, 2009